Wednesday, April 8, 2015

As long as the tests come back with approval...

...I'll be going for the reversal.

There are risks but I just have to try. I have to give it a shot to have a life without this bag. I am used to it now, it's my new normal but... how great would it be to go back to life without it?

The doctor wouldn't tell me much, she was very vocal about the cons. I think she had to be. They'll never guarantee you the good outcome...

This past week, I met a older nurse at the local museum. She was showing my son a doll called the "Organ Annie" and when they go to the intestines, he told her... oh, my mom doesn't have that one, her poop comes out of her tummy now.

I was slightly embarrassed but the older nurse was very interested and started asking me a lot of questions while the younger nurse kept talking to my son about the doll and all his insides.

Come to find out... this very nice older nurse had been a GI nurse for almost her entire career. She told me she knew many, many patients who had my exact surgery. The "no colon reversal" she called it. She went on to tell me how more of the patients she saw were happy with their decision to have the surgery. How most went on to lead very normal lives and once their bodies adjusted were so happy they decided to take the risk.

She wished me luck, told me I was young and should go for it. I can always go back to this but she said she had high hopes for me. I thanked her and we parted ways.

I hope I run into her again so I can thank her again. She has no idea how much I needed to hear that from someone in the field. Someone who focused more on the positive outcome. Yes, I need to hear the risks but hearing this made me more confident in my decision to do this.

I have no idea what my outcome will be but I am hopeful it will be good.

Now I just need to get those tests done!

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